Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Follower... :))

It has been so long since i have posed anything. Life has been kinda crazy lately, but i have been informed that i have a new follower so i figured, why not give her something to read. lmao.
Im sitting at school in the library, as ush, and texting Tyler. He is so picky sometimes, and i dont think he even knows what he wants. Honestly, im so sick of wearing t-shirts everyday, and grungy jeans, with torn up sneakers.... but i do it to please him. He is so worried about other people seeing me. *sigh* Yeasterday i actually wore a shirt it was purple and had a scoop neck with a few buttons, and i had them undone with a tank underneath, and he feaked out. he said when i bent over he could see my nipple....WHAT?!?! I think he is crazy sometimes. Anyway, i had it buttoned up the rest of the day. OH!, and the shirt was like fore a real good MEH!!! Anyways, today is western day at school and i have on a button down with a tank, and im sure he will find something wrong with it. AHHHHH! Imma freak out!!! *sigh* imma go calm down now. bye bye. :*

Monday, October 4, 2010


Well... Um i haven't posted in a really long time, because i mostly use this as a journal, or a place to vent, and untill lastnight, things have been going really well, and i havent needed to write much. But after my mothers episode yesterday, i have the urge to write.
I'm so sick of all the adult in my life acting like children. I used to have this talk with myself after agonizing conversations with my bio dad, but things with him have changed. I think he has actually grown up alot and became the father i always needed him to be. Its wierd but now i seem to be having this issue with my mom and eric. Eric has always been a little childish in my eyes. Ive never really seen things eye to eye with him, but now its my mom too. You know how with little kids small issues seem so big to them, they dwell on simple issues. Insignificant thing seem so important to them, thats how it has been dealing with my parents lately. The little things seem to be all they notice. I wish they would grow up. A dirty room isnt going to hurt anyone. Its not like there was dirty moldy dishes in there, and its not like you couldn't see my floor. So i dont like to hang my clothes up. Who cares. You dont wear them, i do. If i dont mind wrinkled clothes then what does it matter to you? And instead of being an adult and waiting till i came home to talk to me like a mature parent would, You blew your shit and flipped out. Called me and made me come home. I know your goal was to embarase me, but honestly all it did was make you look really immature. You should have talked to me like an adult, and thought things through.
I know im not perfect, and dont think for a second that i claim to be. I know that i tend to be immature about some things too, but your the parent and i just think you should know better. I mean i could be out snorting coke, but im not. I make good grades, im trying to get a job. I look out for my little sister, i help with the dog, even though you seem to think i dont, I do alot around the house, and all of this goes unnoticed, yet do i There are more important things to worry about. You should take a look at all the things i do, all the things going on in my life right now and factor those things in. Then decide whats really important.
...Grow up.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Second Day of Junior Year!

Its my second day, not sure how I feel about it yet. I have a class with Chelsea, my boyfriends ex...thats interesting. especially because she thinks that her and I are friends. I dont have any classes with Tyler, my boyfriend, but I do have lunch with him, which is nice. Yesterday Tyler held my waist the whole lunch period. Almost like he thought i was going to run away or something. It was so cute. :) I secretly love when he does stuff like that. He makes me feel wanted, and needed, and protected. I love him. I pretty much ike all my classes and stuff but im a little worried because almost all my classes will change soon, i think. Because of the internship, they'll have to rearainge everything. :( Grrr. No good. But.....maybe ill get some classes with Tyler when they change them around. That would make me very happy. :) Anyways, Imma go for now. Ill write more tomorrow.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Hello from TEXAS!!!! I got here yesterday and i have already seen most of my family and those i havent seen yet, im seeing today and tomorrow. Everyone is still pretty much the same except for Caden. He is the newest baby. He is six months old now. :) And he is so friggin cute. mmmm I wanna eat him up! I'm enjoying my time here. My friend Alex that i havent seen in three years wants to come see me and my dad sadi it would be cool. So maybe ill see him! YAY! Anyways i have familly coming over so ill write more later. MUAH!!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Abortion. (Sorry if this is offinsive)



Failing World Geo!!!! WTF!?!?!?!?!

So this morning i was sleeping comfortably in my bed trying to sleep off a head ache when my little sister comes bardging in. At first i was pissed and was yelling and screaming for her to get the f out of my room when she told me my mom had been texting me and i wasn't answering. Annoyed I opened the text to see that i had failed my World Geography class and my mom was flipping out. Well, i thought i had exempted my final and had above an 80 in the class. Come to find out it was all just a big missunderstanding and i had to walk my happy but .7miles up to my school in the hot sun to go take the dang final. It sucked.
But i guess its all cuz now im back home and i dont have to go back up to that hell hole for almost three months!!!! yay!
So i leave for tx on saturday. Im pretty excited about that. Ill try to keep up my blog while i'm there. I'll probably have alot to write about. I do good writing while i'm there. I'm already preparing to go by listening to my country music.  I think im going to do a post for quotes. Music makes me think of quotes. :) Well, bye for now.

Friday, May 28, 2010

My One And Only Follower....

hey there to my one and only follower so far. Chris. :) You and i have been reading each others blogs religiously and that to me is awesome. I wish i had other followers like you. people who just sat and enjoyed the things i write. after all thats why i write in the first place you know? to intertain people. Do i intertain you my friend? I sure hope so. :)